Glenn Gustafson, artist

I am a Zen priest in the Chinese (Chan) lineage serving a meditation center here in Columbus, Ohio - The Center for Pragmatic Buddhism.

I am also an artisan potter working primarily with hand-built forms, some of which are functional and some purely artistic. I try to reflect natural influences and inherent nature of the clay in my works and love playing with how clay and glazes interact. Most of my work is one of a kind but I will occasionally do a series that look similar but may have subtle - or not so subtle - differences in glaze.

My pottery can be viewed at the Chromedge Studios (Studio #22) in the 400 Square development in Franklinton. I share a studio with a wonderful painter, Matt Hoenie. We are always available at Franklinton Fridays (the 2nd Friday of each month from 6 pm to 10 pm) or by appointment. You can see some of my works on the Portfolio page of this site and can send me an email from the Contact page.

While I have a number of different styles and looks available I am mainly concentrating now on Zen-based Raku and “Raku-Like” pieces. Raku is an ancient Japanese technique that produces beautiful, and very “raw”, looking pieces. However, because of the way it is fired it is not usually considered water-proof. For that reason I also am adding a “Raku-Like” line which will duplicate much of the aesthetic of Raku while still maintaining the food-safe properties of modern, Western pottery. Both of these lines are still in production and will be coming to the studio and portfolio in the coming months.